Annual WCSF Scholarships Eligibility Requirements:

1. Nominee can be either:

  • Chefs furthering their culinary certification or education
  • Students at culinary institutes

2. Nominee must be selected by a non-profit culinary organization that:

  • Conducts regular member meetings
  • Participates locally in community service activities.

Scholarship Recipients

Donna Berger                           Chattahoochee Technical College
Mandy Buchanan                      Chattahoochee Technical College

Patricia Coyne                          Art Institute of Atlanta

Tim Elliott                                   ACF Executive Chef Certification

Karl Engelmann                         North Georgia Technical College

Dominique Fallings                   Chattahoochee Technical College

Christiane Foy                           Gwinnett Technical College

Jamal Fulton                               Art Institute of Atlanta

Theresa Gambino                     Le Cordon Bleu – Atlanta

Winston Gordon                        Chattahoochee Technical College
Aran Goyoaga                           Florida Culinary Institute

William Hill                                  Le Cordon Bleu – Atlanta

Travis Kimsey                            North Georgia Technical College

Alexandria Marchant   North Georgia Technical College
Michelle McCall                         Chattahoochee Technical College

Katherine McGinnis                   North Georgia Technical College

Leisa Newby                               Le Cordon Bleu – Atlanta
Sara Payne                                 Chattahoochee Technical College

James E. O’Keefe                      Art Institute of Atlanta

Desmond Pringle                       Art Institute of Atlanta

Rona “Malika” Robins                ACF Executive Chef Certification

Annie Ruf                                     Chattahoochee Technical College

Latoya Starks                             Art Institute of Atlanta

Carlien Taljaard                         Gwinnett Technical College

Alana Taylor                               Gwinnett Technical College

Jessica Tolbert                          Chattahoochee Technical College


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